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mongo sort after limit after sort - Not working

I have a collection, from which i get particular type of users using $query

Then I need sort them according to user_id ascending and limit them to 2000

From these I need the max user_id, so I sort them in descending order and limit to 1.

But this second sort forgets the limit of 2000 and sorts over over the entire cursor from find().

Any work-around?

$cursor = $collection ->find($query) // too many entries
->sort(array('user_id'=>1)) // go ascending
->limit(2000) // got our limited qouta
->sort(array('user_id'=>-1)) // go descending to get max
->limit(1); // the one with max(user_id)

Answer Source

Your cannot do a sort and then a limit and then a sort. The Cursor object is exactly that and it will not run the query until you iterate to the first result via getNext() which is either run manually or within a foreach loop not only that but sort is just a property of the object as such making two sorts just overwrites the property.

The best way to achieve what your looking for is:

$doc = $collection->find($query)->sort(array('user_id' => 1))

That will always pick the highest user_id (which occurs at the end in this sort) of the group, which will give off the same results as doing two sorts.

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