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If event date is less than now, show foo. If event date is greater than now, show bar

I have an events page on my website and I run a event bar at the top of my header showing the latest event. I'm trying to figure out how to write this correctly.

If the event has not happened I want to show it. If the event has already happened I do not want to show the event.


<?php //SELECT QUERY...
foreach($events->results() as $e):
$now = "now()";
if($e->event_date <= $now){?>
<h1>Show Event</h1>

<?php }
elseif($e->event_date > $now){ ?>
<h1>DON'T Show Event</h1>

So basicly if the event's timestamp is less than or equal to the upcoming event, I want it to show.

If the event's timestamp is greater than the current date and time of the event, I do not want it to show.

Database table for events.
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Answer Source

now() is mysql function . In PHP we use time() to get the current timestamp

It is used as

$now = time();// get current timestamp

Use strtotime() to convert date in time stamp then use for comparison

$now = time();
foreach ($events->results() as $e):
    if (strtotime($e->event_date) >= $now) {// check for greater then equal to
        <h1>Show Event</h1>
    } else {
        echo "<h1>DON'T Show Event</h1>";
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