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AngularJS jasmine isolateScope() returns undefined

I'm expecting to get something from isolated scope out of my


it('should contain proper scope, depending on attributes', function() {

var el = compile('<help-button context-id="1"></help-button>')(scope);

console.log("el: " + el);
console.log('Isolated scope: ' + el.isolateScope());

-- before each test it does

beforeEach(inject(function($compile, $rootScope, $injector) {

compile = $compile;
scope = $rootScope.$new(); ...

it prints:

'el: [Object Object]'
'Isolated scope: undefined'

The question is: why I'm getting back undefined? Even if there is nothing in isolated scope, it still should be empty {} object. But anyway - the test is wrong - it does not show the isolated scope which (in real) contains data in there.

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Answer Source

I'm stupid.

But will reply to my own question because "a stupid is as stupid does" - i.e. may be one once would do the same (or for myself from the future).

The problem was in my helpbutton.html which my directive is using (which I did not show/mention in this question).

So that templateUrl were referring to helpbutton.html file that is supposed to be compiled to html properly.

Once I looked at el.html()'s output I got that it was not properly rendered (there were some missing tag or something).

Thant's why I could not get any scope from the element.

(though would be nice to have some kind of exception on the log if a template was not rendered properly to html)

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