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PHP Question

Is it possible to use File_put_contents($fileName, $array) so that each item in the array gets put on a new line?

I am trying to rewrite a file with the contexts of an array but I want each item in the array to be on separate line. Is this possible to do?

I currently have the following:


The array has the following contents:

$tempArray = ["xyz","zyx", "123"]

and I want the file to look like this in the end:


but I am getting it all on one line currently

Answer Source

Do file_put_contents('file.txt',implode(PHP_EOL,$tempArray)); and you are fine.

  • implode takes a seperator and array-values then concates them like: implode('+',array(1,2)) becomes 1+2

  • PHP_EOL is an predefined constant from php that defines "\n" on linux and "\r\n" on windows

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