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Android Device manager : "transfer error: Permission denied"

I am trying to pull my applications databases files, I can see that I have all the permissions in the database file "-rwxrwxrwx", which I provided by chmod -r 777 /data/data/com.example.myapp, but I am not able to, I constantly get the above error when I try to pull it and moreover the device manager keeps crashing.

The error that I get:

[2015-07-19 19:48:44 - ddms] transfer error: Permission denied

[2015-07-19 19:48:44] Failed to pull selection: Permission denied

I am using Android Studio, my device has root access and I am on a mac.

This is what I am trying to pull:

enter image description here

Edit: When I run the following command I get this error
Package 'com.example.hackbot' has corrupt installation

run-as com.example.hackbot chmod /data/data/com.example.hackbot/databases/HackBotDB

Any help is valuable.


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The adb shell linux user and your app linux user are different. So, for security reason, you can't get private app data from adb, but you can make a copy as you did. I agree, it's messy and unclean but it's been designed that way. So my suggestion is to add Stetho to your app. You can monitor your DB from Chrome, as well as getting other debug infos.

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