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How to create a matrix from CSV in python?

new to programming here.

Some context: Opened a very large csv file, removed the unnecessary data in first few lines using a bit of code (can see previous post to see code).

Now i'd like to create a matrix. To determine matrix size, I resorted to using the max value of one column and the max value of another column. This is my code so far, however I couldn't get it to work for some odd reason:

firstcolumn_max = max(readcsv, key=op.itemgetter(0))
secondcolumn_max = max(readcsv, key=op.itemgetter(1))
matrix_size = max(firstcolum_max, secondcolumn_max)

Next step: creating a zero matrix such as

matrix=[[0 for i in range(matrix_size)] for i in range(matrix_size)]

Following this, I'd like to populate the matrix: (this is where I get stuck). I'd like to populate that matrix using like, data in the 4th column in that CSV file but wasn't able to. Was thinking of writing it to a output excel file.

for i in readcsv:.........

However, everything (most things) that I do seem to go wrong.

Answer Source

You can try and use panda, specifically this function, as_matrix(), to convert it to a matrix/array:

If you're completely new to panda, their tutorial is pretty good and doesn't take long!

You can read from a csv which will return a DataFrame. From that dataframe you can use the function, as_matrix(), I listed earlier.

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