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ASP.NET (C#) Question

.Net Changing page locations in Visual Studio Solution Exp

I have a .Net web project. I want to organize my solution explorer and my pages. Because there are 4 type of users and there are many pages. I want to create folders and keep some of the files in them. I've moved the page files into folders but app does not work. So what should i do?

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You need to change the Page Title at the very beginning of your web page accordingly. What used to be Inherits="Myproject.MyWebPage" is now Inherits="Myproject.MyFolder.MyWebPage"

Also, aspx files have a Mypage.aspx.designer.cs file underneath and its namespace is namespace Mypage{ but it now should be namespace Myfolder.Mypage{ that's why your code behind has red lines because it can't verify your aspx page via the designer file.

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