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Starting Shiny app after password input

I know that in Shiny Server Pro there is a function of password control.
The question is that Shiny has function passwordInput(), which is like textInput()
Has anybody thought about how to do the following:

1) Launching the application only after correct password input
2) Launching the part of application after correct password input (for example, I have some tabs in shinydashboard, and I want to make an acces to one of them only by password)


Answer Source

I am going to answer #1 and for #2 you can simply expand on my example. Following this example Encrypt password with md5 for Shiny-app. you can do the following:

1) Create 2 pages and if the user inputs the correct username and password you can renderUI and use htmlOutput to output your page 2) You can style the position of the box with username and password with tagsas I did and color them if you want also using tags$style

You can then further look into the actual page and specify what should be created as a result of different users. You can also look into JavaScript Popup Boxes

Example of front page

rm(list = ls())

Logged = FALSE;
my_username <- "test"
my_password <- "test"

ui1 <- function(){
    div(id = "login",
        wellPanel(textInput("userName", "Username"),
                  passwordInput("passwd", "Password"),
                  br(),actionButton("Login", "Log in"))),
    tags$style(type="text/css", "#login {font-size:10px;   text-align: left;position:absolute;top: 40%;left: 50%;margin-top: -100px;margin-left: -150px;}")

ui2 <- function(){tagList(tabPanel("Test"))}

ui = (htmlOutput("page"))
server = (function(input, output,session) {

  USER <- reactiveValues(Logged = Logged)

    if (USER$Logged == FALSE) {
      if (!is.null(input$Login)) {
        if (input$Login > 0) {
          Username <- isolate(input$userName)
          Password <- isolate(input$passwd)
          Id.username <- which(my_username == Username)
          Id.password <- which(my_password == Password)
          if (length(Id.username) > 0 & length(Id.password) > 0) {
            if (Id.username == Id.password) {
              USER$Logged <- TRUE
    if (USER$Logged == FALSE) {

      output$page <- renderUI({
    if (USER$Logged == TRUE) 
      output$page <- renderUI({
        div(class="outer",do.call(navbarPage,c(inverse=TRUE,title = "Contratulations you got in!",ui2())))

runApp(list(ui = ui, server = server))
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