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Ruby Question

Is there a way in the Rails Console to print a table of database contents?

I'm looking for a clean and simple way to print in the Rails Console the contents of my 5 row database with 2 columns.

Any ideas? I Googled around but didn't find much.

Answer Source

I think you should first use the hirb gem which provides a very pleasant way to print your tables columns.

  1. Install hirb gem: gem install hirb
  2. Add this gem to your project's Gemfile: gem 'hirb'
  3. Go to your project's root folder and run Rails console: rails c
  4. Enable hirb in the console:

    require 'hirb'

If you want to limit the number of rows to display, you can do:


For instance:


You can also specify the fields that you want to display using select:"name, email").limit(5)
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