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PHP Question

Actuate Birt Viewer

I have a Birt report which requires a parameter to input.

In my PHP application I have a link to run this report:


I'm passing the parameter sample by URL.

In Actuate Birt Viewer Toolkit the report executes fine, but I need to confirm shown variable in input field and press "Finish", then the viewer outputs result.

The question is: How can I run and view the report immediately without any confirmation and pressing "Finish" button in Actuate Birt Viewer Toolkit?

For instance previously I have used BIRT Report Viewer. There I didn't have such kind of problem. The viewer itself gets any parameters from the URL and executes the report without any user interference.

I just want to achieve the same thing in Actuate Birt Viewer toolkit. Your advice would be greatly appreciated since I have failed to find solution.

Answer Source

If you add __parameterpage=false to your URL the page will not be displayed. Here is a list of all of the BIRT Viewer Parameters.

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