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Python Question

A quest for html.unescape("&nbsp")

This is my code:

import os
import html

a = html.unescape("home - study")
b = "test"
s = (a, b)

And this is my result:

home - study
('home\xa0-\xa0study', 'test')

Why does the result print like this?

Answer Source

By default, printing sequences like tuples, lists and others uses object.__str__. That delegates control to the respective repr for the object (tuple.__repr__ here) which then proceeds to call the repr of its respective members.

Calling the repr for a string with escape codes (such as \xa0) will, in effect, not escape them:


To further verify, try print(s[0]). By providing the str object in position 0 directly, python will invoke its __str__ and escape the hex correctly.

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