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Node.js Question

updateOne deleting my data

Alright, so I've been tinkering with this all night and I have to sleep so I'm asking here. Why is

deleting my data when it should just be updating it?

DB.collection('users').updateOne({"name":"bob"}, {"age":"20"}, (e,i) => {



, but when I go to search for
after doing this, the data is gone entirely, vanished.

My first question is why is this happening, my second is how can I update, since apparently this isn't the way to do it.

I can run find({"name":"bob"}) just fine before hand, so the data does exist before running this.

After, it is gone. Help please, my blood pressure is getting way too high.


Try the following:-

You need to use $set to update specific fields. {} give blank, if there is no find query.

DB.collection('users').updateOne({"name":"bob"},{$set: {"age":"20"} });

To get your answers, refer mongodb-update.

Hope this will hep you solving the problem.