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Python Question

How to convert an int to a hex string?

I want to take an integer (that will be <= 255), to a hex string representation

e.g.: I want to pass in

and get out
, or
and get

I've tried doing this with the
, but that chokes on anything above
since it wants to take in a single character string.

Answer Source

You are looking for the chr function.

You seem to be mixing decimal representations of integers and hex representations of integers, so it's not entirely clear what you need. Based on the description you gave, I think one of these snippets shows what you want.

>>> chr(0x65) == '\x65'

>>> hex(65)
>>> chr(65) == '\x41'

Note that this is quite different from a string containing an integer as hex. If that is what you want, use the hex builtin.

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