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R Question

By removing scientific notation the data does not display correctly

I have the following data:

c(5.19897453503481e+28, 3.33164060868048e+28, 4.28127522948889e+28,
5.64348827422289e+28, 5.72642655371425e+28)

Whenever I remove the scientific notation of data in R using this:

output <- format(mydata, scientific=FALSE);

The data appears like that:

[1] "51989745350348091512680664620" "33316406086804775072084246080" "42812752294888867976688624200" "56434882742228873664844820404"
[5] "57264265537142484298068002406"

Which is abit different from my original data in bigquery? Does anyone know why?

Answer Source

We can use the Rmpfr package

mpfr(mydata, precBits = 1024)
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