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Javascript Question

How can use "getModifierState" on focus event with JS?

I'm trying to get caps lock status on focus event of input this is my code

$('#Input')[0].addEventListener('focus', function (key) {
if (key.originalEvent.getModifierState("CapsLock"))
//do something...
else {
//do something..

But i'm getting this error "Cannot read property 'getModifierState' of undefined", and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
Some advice or link for to read thanks in advance.


There are different types of event object. getModifierState is only defined for KeyboardEvent (such as a keydown) and MouseEvent (such as a click); focus is neither.

You might look at using click and remembering whether you already had focus (e.g., so you don't repeat the action if the click is in an already-focussed element). Ugh, no, that's horrible. There are lots of ways your element might get focus other than clicks.