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Ruby Question

cannot load such file -- 2.2/gherkin_lexer_en, how to fix?

I need a little help. How do I resolve this problem?

When I call

I get the following error:

*** WARNING: You must use ANSICON 1.31 or higher (
on/) to get coloured output on Windows
WARNING: cannot load such file -- 2.2/gherkin_lexer_en
Couldn't load 2.2/gherkin_lexer_en
The $LOAD_PATH was:


  • Windows 8.1 x64

  • Ruby 2.2.1 installer

I got answer:

I'm afraid Cucumber on Windows/Ruby requires ruby 2.0.0 (x86). The
reason is that the gherkin gem doesn't yet ship with compiled binaries
for more recent versions or Ruby, and not for x64.

We're working on a Gherkin3 which will address this issue. See this
post for background. I cannot give you an ETA, but it's at least a few
months away.

Answer Source
  • I download Ruby 2.0 x86 from
  • Install exe
  • Command in cmd: gem install calabash-android
  • ERROR: Error installing calabash-android: The 'json' native gem requires installed build tools.
  • Download from DevKit-mingw64-32-4.7.2-20130224-1151-sfx.exe
  • Extract DevKit to path C:\Ruby200\DevKit
  • Run cd C:\Ruby200\DevKit
  • Run ruby dk.rb init
  • Run ruby dk.rb review
  • Run ruby dk.rb install
  • And again use command gem install calabash-android
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