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CSS, Inline-block display inside <anchor> tags

I added an anchor symbol right in front of every anchor in my document

a::after {
content: "\2693";

<a href="somewhere...">i am an anchor</a>

Now I don't want to include the pseudo element in the underlined text, so from digging around a little I learned that I cannot achieve this with
but somehow using
display: inline-block;
solves the problem

a::after {
content: "\2693";

<a href="somewhere...">i am an anchor</a>

Can anyone explain these results ?
I've been reading about
display, but couldn't understand why it works in this case ..

Answer Source

Inline-block elements doesn't inherit text-underline from their parent. Test below code and you will understand:

<div style="color:red;text-decoration:underline">
  Div with underlined text
  <span style="display:inline-block;text-decoration:inherit;">Inline block span</span>

Remove the "text-decoration:inherit" from the span and underline is gone. So in order to get text-underline for child inline-block elements, you need to inherit it from parent.

EDIT: That's how it is. Text-decoration is not propagated to child elements in certain cases. Refer official W3C documentation : W3C Doc

Note that text decorations are not propagated to floating and absolutely positioned descendants, nor to the contents of atomic inline-level descendants such as inline blocks and inline tables.

Hope that answers your question.

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