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Convert APK to manifest in a loop

I have many APK (Android package) files in a folder and I want to extract the manifest files from each of them. I am using Android apktool to convert them and since there are many APK files I want to convert them in a loop, not one by one.

apktool d hello.apk ./hello
is the command for extracting manifest files from
and produces the output folder named

I tried the command in the command prompt using for loop in the current directory in which all APK files are stored:

for \r %v in (*.apk) do apktool d "%v" "./%v".

I want the output folder of same name for each APK file, i.e. if APK is
the output folder should be
. The above command is producing an error: cannot generate the output folder. How can I extract manifest files from all such APK files at once from a loop?

Answer Source

Maybe you forgot -o parameter?

That command works fine for me:

for /r %v in (*.apk) do apktool.jar d "%v" -o "./%~Nv"
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