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iOS Question

Upload build to iTunesConnect with release note

Currently, to publish a

build on
, I need upload it, wait for 'processing' to finish, and add release notes into the
What to Test
section. It is very inefficient because it take minutes to process the build before I can add the release notes. So, my question is: Is there a way I can upload the release notes with the build, so the notes can automatically be added into
What to Test
before publishing?

Answer Source

You can upload release notes each time you push an updated build to iTunesConnect if you use Fastlane.

You cannot do this from Xcode at this time. However, if you prepare your release notes in iTunesConnect before you upload your build, and save your settings, they will be saved for you. This way, you can simultaneously wait for your build to complete the processing stage while you're configuring your app profile with the release notes. Just be sure to save the settings before you select your completed build to add.

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