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Inserting a table under the legend in a ggplot2 histogram

Is there anyway to get grid.arrange() to act as split.screen ()? I would like to arrange a table to be located directly underneath the legend.

#create histogram
my_hist<-ggplot(diamonds, aes(clarity, fill=cut)) + geom_bar()

#create inset table
my_table<- tableGrob(head(diamonds)[,1:3],gpar.coretext =gpar(fontsize=8),gpar.coltext=gpar(fontsize=8), gpar.rowtext=gpar(fontsize=8))

grid.arrange(my_hist,my_table, ncol=2)


enter image description here

but I would like it look roughly like this:

enter image description here

I tried split.screen () but it doesn't seem to work with ggplot type graphics. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Answer Source

Dickoa's answer is very neat. Mine gives you more control over the elements.

my_hist <- ggplot(diamonds, aes(clarity, fill=cut)) + geom_bar()

#create inset table
my_table <- tableGrob(head(diamonds)[,1:3], gpar.coretext = gpar(fontsize=8), gpar.coltext=gpar(fontsize=8), gpar.rowtext=gpar(fontsize=8))

#Extract Legend
g_legend <- function(a.gplot){
  tmp <- ggplot_gtable(ggplot_build(a.gplot))
  leg <- which(sapply(tmp$grobs, function(x) x$name) == "guide-box")
  legend <- tmp$grobs[[leg]]

legend <- g_legend(my_hist)

#Create the viewports, push them, draw and go up
vp1 <- viewport(width = 0.75, height = 1, x = 0.375, y = .5)
vpleg <- viewport(width = 0.25, height = 0.5, x = 0.85, y = 0.75)
subvp <- viewport(width = 0.3, height = 0.3, x = 0.85, y = 0.25)
print(my_hist + opts(legend.position = "none"), vp = vp1)
#Make the new viewport active and draw

enter image description here

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