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Javascript Question

My html page crashes on ctrl+c

I have a very simple html page that crashes when I CTRL + C. But:

  • select and right click copy works fine.

  • CTRL + V works fine too.

The problem persists on Chrome 49, Firefox 43 & IE 11.

  • IE offers an explanation: "localhost is not responding due to a long running script".

  • Chrome the usual: "Aw Snap! Something went wrong".

  • Firefox simply stops responding.

Because of the above I think it's safe to rule out HTML/CSS problems, as well as browser issues. If it weren't for that IE message, I would also rule out JS problems.

I don't understand how CTRL+C causes a script to run (if I am to trust IE), and I don't know how to find that script. This seems to be a tab-specific issue as all 3 browsers continue to work fine on the other tabs, while the problematic one has stopped responding.

Anyone else had this problem?

I'm running windows 7

Answer Source

Probably your page runs some script. Maybe one of them has unending loop started on push CTRL, C or CTRL+C.

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