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HTML Question

Remove all content using pure JS

I'm looking for a way to remove the entire content of a web page using pure Javascript -- no libraries.

I tried:

document.documentElement.innerHTML = "whatever";

but that doesn't work: it replaces the inside of the
element. I'm looking at replacing the entire document, including if possible the

Answer Source

I think a browser rightfully assumes a page with content-type text/html will always be a web page - so whilst you may do something like...

document.body.innerHTML = '';

It will still have some HTML hanging around.

You could try...

document.documentElement.innerHTML = '';

...which left me with <html></html>.

Yi Jiang did suggest something clever.

window.location = 'about:blank';

This will take you to a blank page - an internal mechanism provided by most browsers I believe.

I think however the best solution is to use document.open() which will clear the screen.

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