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SQL Question

SQL data over week_no into columns

I would like to transpose the following SQL result:

Asum  week_no

1      22          

2      24          

into table like this:


1             0             2             

How could I achieve this on Oracle? Thanks! (I am supposed to consider weekly data over many years, so building cases is not an option)

Answer Source

Mostly I have assumed this query on your sample data where it will fill the gaps of week no and Pivot the result set

Select A,[22] [week_22],[23] [week_23],[24] [week_24] from (
Select A,Sum,Weekno from Table 
Select * from ( 
SELECT  top 1 t1.A,'' AS Sum,t1.Weekno-1 AS Weekno
FROM     Table t1
         Table  t2 
ON       t2.Weekno=t1.Weekno-1 
WHERE    t2.Weekno IS NULL 
AND      t1.Weekno > 0     
ORDER BY t1.Weekno desc )T)TT
PIVOT (MAX(SUM) FOR WEEKNO IN ([22],[23],[24]))PVT
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