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Node.js Question

Get back matched array elements present in a document's field which is also an array

I have an array defined below which contains some strings,

arr = ["hola", "hii", "hey", "namaste"];

Now below are the documents i have in mongodb

"user_id": "Michael",
"list": ["hola", "ola", "hey", "maybe"]

Now i want to write a query in mongodb which returns all "arr" elements which are also present in "list" of the particular "user_id".

So My Desired Output is

_id: "_id" : ObjectId("5828ae4779f2e01b06bb7a61"), results: ["hola", "hey"]

i wrote below query using aggregation but i am getting error as

MongoError: FieldPath field names may not start with '$'

My code

{ $match: { user_id: "Michael" }},
{ $unwind: '$list'},
{ $match: {list: {$in: arr}}},
{ $group: {_id: '$_id', results: {$push: '$list.$'}}},
function(err, docs) {
if (err) {
console.log('Error Finding query results');
} else {
if (docs) {
console.log('docs: ', docs);
} else {
console.log('No Arr Found');

Answer Source

You can try $setIntersection for this.

        $match: {
            user_id: "Michael"
    }, {
        $project: {
            _id: 1,
            results: {
                $setIntersection: ["$list", ["hola", "hii", "hey", "namaste"]]

Sample Output

{ "_id" : ObjectId("582c6902a5ff9d6d50e722c3"), "results" : [ "hola", "hey" ] }
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