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jQuery version 1.5 - ajax - <script> tag timestamp problem

If I load some content with ajax (jQuery) which has a script tag in it, jQuery 1.5 adds the timestamp to the script tag src url. See example bellow.

content what I load with ajax:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/js/abc-xyz.js?r=1.1"></script>

This is the src url from where it loads the script code after I insert the previous content to the page:


Does anybody knows why this happening?
It happens only with jQuery 1.5. It doesn't happen with jQuery 1.4.4.

Code Example:

url: content.html,
type: 'GET',
data: someDataObject,
success: function(data) {
// some code here

error: function(data) {
// some code here


Answer Source

See bellow the answer what I got back from jQuery team. Ticket #8298:


After checking your report and your code samples I come to the conclusion that this isn't a bug. I also made this test case jQuery 1.4+ (until 1.5) had a bug which caused the cache option not to default to false for script requests. This bug (see #7578) has been fixed in 1.5 . Now what you might know or not know is, that jQuery does special-handle script tags when doing DOM manipulations (to prevent certain errors in IE). It filters them out and requests them via ajax. This explains why even a "normal" inline script tag suddenly is requested with additional url parameters. There are ways to work around this if it has unwanted side effects for you.

  1. use $.ajaxSetup({ cache: true }) when appropriate

  2. use a prefilter for script requests and e.g. check for urls where you don't want the random parameter to be added and set cache: true in the prefilter for those

  3. in e.g. the success call back handle the script tags yourself by doing something along these..


var elems = $(htmlwithscripttags);
elems.filter("script") //now do whatever with the scripts
elems.filter(":not(script)").appendTo("body"); //e.g.
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