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How can I delete a remote tag in eGit?

I can remove a local tag very easy in the Git Repositories View of eclipse.

But if that tag was a remote tag (originally) and I make a push - nothing happens. On the next pull that tag will reappear again.


Push tags
Add all tag specs
removed that tag from origin. And I've tried
Add delete ref specification
in the same dialog, but Eclipse won't let me add

I know that I can use the command line, as described in "How to delete a remote git tag?", but I didn't find a way to do it from eGit.

Answer Source

Playing with Team -> Remote -> Push I found the solution.

I have to enter in Remote ref to delete:


and add that to the specifications to push. When I finish the dialog the tag is removed from remote.

The same applies, if I just click Add All Tags Spec (or something else that creates a new row in Specifications to push), click on the Mode column to convert the Update into a Delete and enter the correct ref from above into the Destination Ref column.

Funny thing: The tag is not offered if I open the drop down of Remote ref to delete, but if I use Ctrl+Space I can choose from the list of tags (and branches) and it generates the correct ref spec.

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