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JSON Question

pandas groupby to nested json

I often use pandas groupby to generate stacked tables. But then I often want to output the resulting nested relations to json. Is there any way to extract a nested json filed from the stacked table it produces?

Let's say I have a df like:

year office candidate amount
2010 mayor joe smith 100.00
2010 mayor jay gould 12.00
2010 govnr pati mara 500.00
2010 govnr jess rapp 50.00
2010 govnr jess rapp 30.00

I can do:

grouped = df.groupby('year', 'office', 'candidate').sum()

print grouped
year office candidate
2010 mayor joe smith 100
jay gould 12
govnr pati mara 500
jess rapp 80

Beautiful! Of course, what I'd real like to do is get nested json via a command along the lines of grouped.to_json. But that feature isn't available. Any workarounds?

So, what I really want is something like:

{"2010": {"mayor": [
{"joe smith": 100},
{"jay gould": 12}
{"govnr": [
{"pati mara":500},
{"jess rapp": 80}


Answer Source

I don't think think there is anything built-in to pandas to create a nested dictionary of the data. Below is some code that should work in general for a series with a MultiIndex, using a defaultdict

The nesting code iterates through each level of the MultIndex, adding layers to the dictionary until the deepest layer is assigned to the Series value.

In  [99]: from collections import defaultdict

In [100]: results = defaultdict(lambda: defaultdict(dict))

In [101]: for index, value in grouped.itertuples():
     ...:     for i, key in enumerate(index):
     ...:         if i == 0:
     ...:             nested = results[key]
     ...:         elif i == len(index) - 1:
     ...:             nested[key] = value
     ...:         else:
     ...:             nested = nested[key]

In [102]: results
Out[102]: defaultdict(<function <lambda> at 0x7ff17c76d1b8>, {2010: defaultdict(<type 'dict'>, {'govnr': {'pati mara': 500.0, 'jess rapp': 80.0}, 'mayor': {'joe smith': 100.0, 'jay gould': 12.0}})})

In [106]: print json.dumps(results, indent=4)
    "2010": {
        "govnr": {
            "pati mara": 500.0, 
            "jess rapp": 80.0
        "mayor": {
            "joe smith": 100.0, 
            "jay gould": 12.0
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