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MySQL Question

Eloquent using wrong table name

I have a model called

along with a migration for a

Here is my class:

namespace App;

class ReferrerMedium extends \Eloquent

Here is my migration:

Schema::create('referrer_mediums', function (Blueprint $table) {

Here is my code:

foreach (ReferrerMedium::all() as $referrer_medium) {
$options[$referrer_medium->name] = $referrer_medium->name;

This code is causing the error
Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'leadbind.referrer_media' doesn't exist

Why is it attempting to query the
table instead of

Answer Source

Because medium's plural type is media, therefore you should manually specified table name in you model:

$protected $table = 'referrer_mediums';

But i recommend that you should make a migration to change the table name.

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