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How can I use "sizeof" in a preprocessor macro?

Is there anyway to use a

in a preprocessor macro ?

For example, there have been a ton of situations over the years in which I wanted to do something like:

#if sizeof(someThing) != PAGE_SIZE
#error Data structure doesn't match page size

The exact thing I'm checking here is completely made up - the point is, I often like to put in these types of (size or alignment) compile-time checks to guard against someone modifying a data-structure which could misalign or re-size things which would break them.

Needless to say - I don't appear to be able to use a
in the manner described above.

Answer Source

Is there anyway to use a "sizeof" in a pre-processor macro?

No. The conditional directives take a restricted set of conditional expressions; sizeof is one of the things not allowed.

Preprocessing directives are evaluated before the source is parsed (at least conceptually), so there aren't any types or variables yet to get their size.

However, there are techniques to getting compile-time assertions in C (for example, see this page).

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