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Java Question

Maven WebApp with Intellij - procedure

What is the procedure to make a Java EE WebApp with Maven and Intellij?

This is what I do:

  • File / New / Project

  • Project Type : Maven

  • Create From archetype : maven-archetype-webapp

But when I create a servlet IntelliJ shows a symbol on the servlet:
enter image description here

This symbol is "Java class located out of the source root. Refer to the section Configuring Content Roots for details"

If I launch the project I get an error.

If I mark the "resources" directory as "Sources Root", the project works.

But if I reload Maven (right click / maven / reimport) the resources directory lost the "Source Root" structure.

I think something is wrong in my procedure.

Answer Source

Create a new folder under main called java. Then right-click it and select Mark Directory As -> Sources Root. Use this directory for all your java code and everything should work!

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