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R CMD CHECK Note: information on .o files is not available

In RStudio, using devtools and Hadley Wickham's R Packages book procedures on a macbook, I do the Shift-CMD-E to do the equivalent of a R CMD CHECK and I have 0 errors, 0 warnings and 1 note that is persisting :

Note: information on .o files is not available

This note also would persist with Travis CI on my github repo.

I have compiled code: in my /src directory are .c, .f, .fsrc, .h, .o, and .so files as well as a Makefile.

I've googled and there doesn't seem to be any definitive answers out there [1]. I'd like to eliminate the note to smooth the way for CRAN submission, although the google search also revealed a few packages on CRAN that have this note.

Answer Source

At bare minimum:

  1. Try removing the Makefile from /src and build again.

Which may be all that is needed. When I was resurrecting some old packages that had a Makefile in the /src and tried to do R CMD Check with RStudio removing the Makefile removed the note (the note was also removed from the Travis CI build on the github repo of the aforementioned package). The Makefile looked like this:


OBJS=   cutil.o dist.o gettvc.o romberg.o toms614.o


    @rm -f *.o *.$(SHLIB_EXT)

realclean: clean

In addition,

  1. Add the .fsrc, .o, and .so files to the .Rbuildignore file, with


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