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Stop wordpress from redirecting to port 8000

I'm completely new to deployment and wordpress specifically, so my question and explanation might seem dummy. But I really need help with this, searching Google didn't help. So any way, I have this host, where I installed Wordpress, and db was created automatically. I added al the content through wp-admin panel, so I won't break any connections among files by uploading my local wp files. And when I tried to open the website itself, it was redirected to port 8000. The only place I found this port in was db, where links to media look like , but in the wp-admin panel in the media section links look fine, so I assume it is replaced somewhere. But still I can't figure out where does this port 8000 come from. Any ideas?

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Step To follow after migration :

  • Change site and home url from wp_option table.
  • Login to admin and change paramlinks from setting->paramlink choose custome and save
  • Use url update plugin incase some url are not updated yet.
  • Try Private Browser to check your website.Some time cache will be issue.

    For Update URL use plugin:

    If you want to update URLs.You can use this,


    GotoUpdate url : Tools->update url.

    add old url and new url and save changes.All Url is updated.

    Right url in inspect : enter image description here

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