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iOS Question

Can't copy / paste in PhoneGap Ionic IOS

I'm using PhoneGap to build an app in IOS and it is almost done.

I just ran into a small problem. The user doesn't seem to be able to copy / past his content in an input field.

I'm using

  • Cordova 3.6.3

  • Ionic Framework 1.2.8

  • IOS 8.1.1

Answer Source

try adding this css

   input, textarea {
        -webkit-user-select: auto !important;
        -khtml-user-select: auto !important;
        -moz-user-select: auto !important;
        -ms-user-select: auto !important;
        -o-user-select: auto !important;
        user-select: auto !important;  

I suppose ionic includes some css to avoid the copy/paste as usually the apps don't allow you to copy their content

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