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Javascript Question

How to do $scope.$apply() with the new `controller as` syntax?

In AngularJS they have

method to update the UI when there's a model change that is not done through normal AngularJS means.

In the more recent tutorials they recommend using the
<controller> as <object>
style of instantiating the objects and use
as the scope from their example

.controller('TodoListController', function() {
var todoList = this;

does not appear to work. Am I forced to use
for this?

Answer Source

Yes you have to use $scope.$apply(), but that's not a bad thing.

I had this same exact dilemma after reading that one should use controllerAs syntax. I even asked this question a few months later In an isolate scope directive is there any difference between defining variables on scope and defining variables on the controller?

The answer, after thinking about this for a while, is that controllerAs syntax doesn't mean an aversion to $scope, but a design pattern to prevent global state from being stored in $scope because that's when you start nesting scopes, which leads to a lot of problems.

$scope isn't an evil thing. It just lets you screw yourself over, but if you need to use it you shouldn't stop yourself from doing so.

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