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Javascript Question

How do I print the entire bootstrap modal where content in modal body is scrolled out of view

The problem is that the user has to scroll down to view all of the content within the modal body. However, when I print the modal the only part that is printed is the part that is viewable. I want the entire modal's content to be printed. I have tried every piece of code on the following page and none of them print the entire modal.

Twitter Bootstrap: Print content of modal window

Answer Source

Download printThis.js from the following link and include it in your html: https://github.com/jasonday/printThis/blob/0a7f799693af8a8303bf0b8df0efc80c2694af81/printThis.js

Wrap the content you want to print with the following div. Everything outside of this div will not be printed.

<div id="modalDiv">
    ..content to print..

Call the following jquery to print all the content including the content that is not viewable. You may include your css files in an array if you have multiple css files.

    debug: false,              
    importCSS: true,             
    importStyle: true,         
    printContainer: true,       
    loadCSS: "../css/style.css", 
    pageTitle: "My Modal",             
    removeInline: false,        
    printDelay: 333,            
    header: null,             
    formValues: true          
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