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MySQL Question

checking to see if data exist with in a table

How do i go about looking into a table and searching to see if a row exist. the back gorund behind it is the table is called enemies. Every row has a unique id and is set to auto_increment. Each row also has a unique value called monsterid. the monster id isn't auto_increment.

when a monster dies the row is deleted and replaced by a new row. so the id is always changing. as well the monsterid is changed too.

I am using in php the $_GET method and the monsterid is passing through it,
basically i am trying to do this

$monsterID = 334322 //this is the id passed through the $_GET

checkMonsterId = "check to see if the monster id exist within the enemies table"

if monsterid exist then




If you need anymore clarity please ask. and thanks for the help in advance.

Answer Source

Use count! If it returns > 0, it exists, else, it doesn't.

select count(*) from enemies where monsterid = 334322

You would use it in PHP thusly (after connecting to the database):

$monsterID = mysql_real_escape_string($monsterID);
$res = mysql_query('select count(*) from enemies where monsterid = ' . $monsterid) or die();
$row = mysql_fetch_row($res);
if ($row[0] > 0)
    //Monster exists
    //It doesn't
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