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Ruby Telnet: How to send http request using telnet

I am using ruby telnet library to make HTTP get request( but i am not able to make http get request to my server.

Below is the code that i am trying

require 'net/telnet'
webserver = Net::Telnet::new('Host' => '', 'Port' => 3000, 'Telnetmode' => false)
size = 0
webserver.cmd("GET / HTTP/1.1\nHost:") do |c|
print c

Please let me know what wrong i am doing here.

Answer Source

You need to end your input HTTP with a carriage return and line ending, otherwise the HTTP server will wait for more headers:

webserver.cmd("GET /test HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\n\r\n") do |c|
  print c

But telnet really isn't the right thing to use (unless you're just experimenting). If you want to make HTTP requests for a real-world program, you should definitely use a proper HTTP library (net/http at the least, or something like Faraday would be even better). HTTP seems simple, but there are many hidden complexities that mean creating a writer/parser from scratch is a lot of work.

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