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Apache Configuration Question

Unable to change SELinux security context for the VirtualBox shared folder

I'm facing the following situation. For web development purposes, I've managed to set up a CentOS 7 guest VM with VirtualBox. I've installed a LAMP stack and configured Apache (vhost, added apache member of the group vboxsf, added the firewall rule) to access VirtualBox shared folder.

Configuration setting of the GUEST CentOS 7 VM Guest machine:

Virtual machine hostname: dickwan.dev
Shared Folders:
Name | Read-only | Auto-mount
dickwan | no | yes

Networking: NAT (with port forwarding rules)
Port Forwarding Rules:
Name | Protocol | Host IP | Host Port | Guest IP | Guest Port
HTTP | TCP | . . . | 8080 | . . . | 80
MariaDB | TCP | . . . | 9306 | . . . | 3306
SSH | TCP | . . . | 2222 | . . . | 22

Now when in my host machine, I open a browser and navigate to (let us say):


I get the message:


You don't have permission to access /server-status on this server.

I've track down the problem to a SELinux security context type problem.
When SELinux is disabled everything works just fine (well... fine yeah hum).

But It feels to me like a bad practice just to shutdown the security feature. I've tried to change the context of the shared folder, but I was not able to conduct the operation

Is there a chance to have access to the shared folder through Apache without deactivating SELinux?

Answer Source

I had a similar problem (except Fedora 20 as host and guest OS). What I did:

sudo mount -t vboxsf shared_folder /media/shared_folder

sudo ln -s /media/shared_folder/ /var/www/

sudo chcon -R --reference=/var/www /var/www/shared_folder

And this works for me :)

Before I've tried to set security context to automatically mounted shared folder (by VirtualBox) but without success thus I mount it manually

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