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Best way to wait a method that get data asynchronously from database to populate a listview

I want to populate a listView with data retrieved from DB asynchronously,
the problem Is that if I set the adapter, it throws null pointer because the data not arrieved yet, when I recieve data one method is executed, so what I can call in this method to populate my listview? I tried passing the layout to this class to populate directly the listview when the data is recieved but don't worked (nothing happened)

I thought using AsyncTask was a good idea adding wait() and when this "retriever data method" is triggered call notify() but I don't know how to call notify() from an asynctask from another class...

I'm also not sure if asynktask is the best way of doing this, any ideas?
I'm using retrofit2 if it helps

Code of listview create/populate

private List<TmOfsDTO> prepareList() {
List<TmOfsDTO> list;
try {
// Create list of items
ListObtainer listObtainer = new ListObtainer(this);
list = listObtainer.getTmOfsDTOList(user); // this method returns list of objects from DB
} catch (Exception e) {
list = null;
return list;

private void populateListView(List<TmOfsDTO> lista) {

// Build Adapter
OrderAdapter orderAdapter = new OrderAdapter(this, 0, lista);
// orderAdapter.getView()

Log.d("LSO", ".....");
// Configure listview
//View rootView = View.inflate(this, R.layout.activity_ordenes, null);
ListView listView = (ListView) findViewById(R.id.lvOrdenes);
Log.d("LSO", ".......");

Last update:

I was doing right the notify when I was recieving data, passing the adapter to the class and calling:

but the problem is I was missing to add each item with:

before notify, now seem to work good**

Answer Source

As you logcat show above the lista is null. You are passing this list to the adapter. But if you have not initialized the variable lista it will throw a null pointer exception.

Suggest to initialize the List you passing to the adapter. Then when the data comes in you add the data lista and call the method adapter.notifyDataSetChanged()

Following seems to cause the null pointer exception

} catch (Exception e) {
        list = null;

So beside initializing you should also not assign null.

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