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Using $window or $location to Redirect in AngularJS

The app I am working on contains various states (using ui-router), where some states require you to be logged in, others are publicly available.

I have created a method that validly checks whether a user is logged in, what I am currently having issues with is actually redirecting to our login-page when necessary. It should be noted that the login page is not currently placed within the AngularJS app. ($rootScope, $location, $window) {

$rootScope.$on('$stateChangeStart', function (event, toState, toParams, fromState, fromParams) {

if ( && !$ {
var landingUrl = $ + "/login";
$, "_self");

The console.log shows the intended url properly. The line after that, I have tried practically everything from $ to window.location.href and no matter what I've tried no redirect happens.


Found the issue.

var landingUrl = $ + "/login";
$, "_self");

The variable landingUrl was set to '', which would not work with
$window.location.href (which was one of the things I tried). However after changing the code to

var landingUrl = "http://" + $ + "/login";
$window.location.href = landingUrl;

it now works.

Answer Source

I believe the way to do this is $location.url('/RouteTo/Login');

Edit for Clarity

Say my route for my login view was /Login, I would say $location.url('/Login') to navigate to that route.

For locations outside of the Angular app (ie no route defined), plain old JavaScript will server:

window.location = ""
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