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Account messed up on command line

I'm in a slight dilemma in which my GitHub account isn't working properly. Whenever I commit to a repository it shows that I pushed changes as 'prohacker112', an account I've never signed into. I'm using

, in which I signed in with my account and whenever it prompts me for a username/password I use my account. So why does GitHub think I'm committing/pushing as prohackr112? How can I tell Git my actual username? I'm using cloud9, if that helps.

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The email address in your Git config is not set correctly.

To see the global Git email setting, run this command:

git config --global

If this is incorrect, update it using this command:

git config --global "<my email>"

If that setting is already correct, or correcting it doesn't fix your problem, check the local setting from within your local repo:

git config

And, if incorrect, update it with this command:

git config "<my email>"

GitHub's relevant documentation

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