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CSS Question

Unwanted Space Between HTML Tables

I have a page with two large tables, one positioned above the other:

In my editor (Dreamweaver CC 2015), there is no space between the tables.

But in Chrome, there is a unwanted gap of about 10 pixels (the blue space where the background shows through, between the top "navbar" and the rest of the page).

I posted this question here last year and was told that there was a

tag between the tables. Well, I feel like an idiot, but I couldn't find the alleged
tag to save my life, even when I opened the file in Notepad.

If there is indeed a
tag, can you help me find it (such as my simply telling me what line it's on)?

Answer Source

My wife discovered at least a partial answer:

Phantom <br> tag rendered by browsers prior to <table> tag

Unfortunately, the solution to that question doesn't appear to solve my problem. I validated the code using the feature in Dreamweaver 2015 that submits it W3C service and it comes back with "No warnings or errors found".

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