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Using CSS to create table cells of a specific width with no word wrapping

In a project have been involved in I needed to render tables with columns of a specific width with only one HTML line per table row (no wrapping). I need each table cell to have a padding of 1 pixel at the top and bottom and 2 pixels at the left and right. The best way I can come up with that works cross browser is to put a div inside a td inside the table in this way:

table.grid { border: none; border-collapse: collapse; }
table.grid tbody tr td { padding: 1px 2px; }
table.grid tbody tr td div { overflow: hidden; white-space: nowrap; }
table.grid tbody tr { width: 100px; }
table.grid tbody tr td.two { width: 200px; }
<table class="grid">
<td class="one"><div>One</div></td>
<td class="two"><div>Two</div></td>
<td class="one"><div>Another One</div></td>
<td class="two"><div>Another Two</div></td>

I would love to be able to eliminate the need to add the extra div. I've spend many hours googling this issue but can't find an alternative.

Is there a way to do what I need without the need to add the extra div? If So, what is it?

Is there a way of getting the desired result without using tables at all?

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Unfortunately table elements do not respect overflow, so you will need to apply that to a child element.

edit: I may have spoken too soon, as I can create this effect in FF using max-width and I've discovered this thing which might work for IE. You learn something every day.

edit2: yeah it does work for IE7 at least but there's a serious caveat that you can't have whitespace in the text, they have to be converted to &nbsp;. I think you should probably stick with the <div> solution for sake of cleanliness and compatability.

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