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Python Question

tensorflow got unexpected keyword argument 'argv'

I am trying to run the Tensorflow for Poets sample. I pass the following:

python examples/image_retraining/ --bottlenext_dir=tf_files/bottlenecks --how_many_training_steps 500 --model_dir=tf_files/inception --output_graph=tf_files/retrained_graph.pb --output_labels=tf_files/retrained_labels.txt --image_dir tf_files/flower_photos

I get the error

File "examples/image_retraining/", line 1013, in <module>, argv=[sys.argv[0]] + unparsed)
TypeError: run() got an unexpected keyword argument 'argv'

When I check the source of it shows argv as an argument. According to t.version I am running 0.11.0rc0

Any ideas?

Answer Source

I had the same problem earlier. Downloading the examples from a different branch fixed it.

git clone -b r0.11
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