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should I use retrofit with a singleton?

Hi Im new to retrofit and want to know whats the best practice, here is some abstracted code that Ii found online, to start with:
public class RestClient

private static final String BASE_URL = "your base url";
private ApiService apiService;

public RestClient()
Gson gson = new GsonBuilder()
.registerTypeAdapterFactory(new ItemTypeAdapterFactory()) // This is the important line ;)

RestAdapter restAdapter = new RestAdapter.Builder()
.setConverter(new GsonConverter(gson))
.setRequestInterceptor(new SessionRequestInterceptor())

apiService = restAdapter.create(ApiService.class);

public ApiService getApiService()
return apiService;

and lets say I want to make a api request/call with this function

RestClient restClient = new RestClient();

My question is should I make a new restClient object or this should be a singleton, or the ApiService should be a singleton.
Whats the best practice? Please keep in mind that i don't wont to use dependency injection, I just want to understand how best to use retrofit.
How would some of you make this call?


The code that you have is fine. You can keep the restClient as a singleton, and then just call restClient.getApiService().getPosts(); whenever you want to get the posts again (don't create a new restClient each time).