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Why does "docker attach" hang?

I can run an

container successfully:

# docker run -it -d ubuntu
# docker ps
3aef6e642327 ubuntu "/bin/bash" 3 seconds ago Up 2 seconds condescending_sammet

But executing
docker attach

# docker attach 3aef6e642327

Until I press any key, such as

# docker attach 3aef6e642327
root@3aef6e642327:/# ls
bin boot dev etc home lib lib64 media mnt opt proc root run sbin srv sys tmp usr var

Why does
docker attach


After reading the comments, I think I get the answers:


"docker attach" reuse the same tty, not open new tty.

(1) Executing the
docker run
without daemon mode:

# docker run -it ubuntu

Everything is OK, then run

root@eb3c9d86d7a2:/# ls
bin boot dev etc home lib lib64 media mnt opt proc root run sbin srv sys tmp usr var

(2) Run
docker run
in daemon mode:

# docker run -it -d ubuntu

Actually, the following should have been outputted to stdout from the running container:


So executing
docker attach
seems to hang, but actually it is waiting for your input:

# docker attach 91262536f7c9
bin boot dev etc home lib lib64 media mnt opt proc root run sbin srv sys tmp usr var

Answer Source

It does not really hang. As you can see in the comment below (You are running "/bin/bash" as command) it seems to be expected behaviour when attaching.

As far as I understand you attach to the running shell and just the stdin/stdout/stderr - depending on the options you pass along with the run command - will just show you whatever goes in/out from that moment. (Someone with a bit more in-depth knowledge hopefuly can explain this on a higher level).

As I wrote in my comment on your question, there are several people who have opened an issue on the docker github repo describing similar behaviour:

Since you mention shell, I assume you have a shell already running. attach doesn't start a new process, so what is the expected behavior of connecting to the in/out/err streams of a running process? I didn't think about this. Of course this is the expected behavior of attaching to a running shell, but is it desirable?

Would it be at all possible to flush stdout/stderr on docker attach thereby forcing the shell prompt to be printed or is it a bit more complex than that? That's what I personally would "expect" when attaching to an already running shell.

Feel free to close this issue if necessary, I just felt the need to document this and get some feedback.

  • Taken from a comment on this github issue. You can find more insight in the comments of this issue.

If instead of enter you would start typing a command, you would not see the extra empty prompt line. If you were to run

$ docker exec -it ubuntu bash <container-ID-or-name>

where <container-ID-or-name> is the ID or name of the container after you run docker run -it -d ubuntu (so 3aef6e642327 or condescending_sammet in your question) it would run a new command, thus not having this "stdout problem" of attaching to an existing one.


If you would have a Dockerfile in a directory containing:

FROM ubuntu:latest
ADD ./ / 
RUN chmod +x /
CMD ["/"]

And have a simple bash script in the same directory containing:


#trap ctrl-c and exit, couldn't get out
#of the docker container once attached
trap ctrl_c INT
function ctrl_c() {

while true; do
    time=$(date +%N)
    echo $time;
    sleep  1;

Then build (in this example in the same directory as the Dockerfile and and run it with

$ docker build -t nan-xiao/time-test .
..stuff happening...
$ docker run -itd --name time-test nan-xiao/time-test

Finally attach

$ docker attach time-test

You will end up attached to a container printing out the time every second. (CTRL-C to get out)

Example 2

Or if you would have a Dockerfile containing for example the following:

FROM ubuntu:latest
RUN apt-get -y install irssi
ENTRYPOINT ["irssi"]

Then run in the same directory:

$ docker build -t nan-xiao/irssi-test .

Then run it:

$ docker run -itd --name irssi-test nan-xiao/irssi-test

And finally

$ docker attach irssi-test

You would end up in a running irssi window without this particular behaviour. Of course you can substitute irrsi for another program.

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