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Perl Question

Perl PL_unitcheckav and .so compiled using Perlbrew

I need to build the same set of shared objects (the OpenSSL support) for many platform and Perl version (4x4). Install works well with Perlbrew and I can install various packages with cpan on the different version I'v created. The problem is that they all fail with a PL_unitcheckav not found in

I've found lots of similar issues, but no solutione so far. Is this a debug symbol? It only fails when I add (cpan) a package from my brew install and then try to tun it on other system. It works fine when compile "natively" using my local Perl

Answer Source

Just found the answer. As @ikegami said, I was compiling w/o --multi, --64int and --thread and running it on a version with all these flags compiled (version number was correct). The "multi" option was really the problem

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