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Symfony mongo-odm-aggregation-bundle sums

For start, I have to say I am new to mongo (3.2). I am using mongo-odm-aggregation-bundle for php framework Symfony (2.8.4). I want to get sums of some fields restricted by dates.
So far, I managed to get sums for all records:

$expr = new \Solution\MongoAggregation\Pipeline\Operators\Expr;
$aq = $this->manager->getCollection('AppBundle:UserDaySums')->createAggregateQuery()->group([
'_id' => 'client.$id',
'total' => $expr->sum('$aSum'),

Now, I'd like to restrict this query by dateFrom,dateTo and userId. I am not sure, how to do it. I know, I should probably use match function, but I don't know how. Or is there some better solution?

Thanks for replies!


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Yes, you can use the match function. For example, the following assumes you have the date variables for use in the query:

$expr = new \Solution\MongoAggregation\Pipeline\Operators\Expr;
$aq = $this->manager->getCollection('AppBundle:UserDaySums')->createAggregateQuery();
$dateFrom = new MongoDate(strtotime('-2 days'));
$dateTo = new MongoDate();
$userId = 'Xsgy62js0lb';

$result = $aq->match(['dateFrom'=>$dateFrom, 'dateTo'=>$dateTo, 'userId'=>$userId ])
             ->group(['_id'=>'client.$id', 'total'=>$expr->sum('$aSum') ])