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Android Studio: Gradle Product Flavors: Define custom properties

I am building different product flavors of an Android App in Gradle (Android Studio).

Hence I defined the following product flavors:

android {

project.ext.set("customer", "")
project.ext.set("server", "")

//Configuration happens here - code removed for readability

buildTypes {

debug {
server = "test"

release {
server = "release"

//Available product flavors
productFlavors {
customer = "a"
customer = "b"
customer = "c"

However, later on, when I access the defined project property "customer" (whose value is set in the product flavor i am currently building) in one of my build tasks, it always has the value "c" even though iam building customerA (in which case the property customer should be "a" rather than "c"). For instance I execute the following task later on:

preBuild << {
println "Building customer: " + customer

and it always prints:

Building customer: c

So i am guessing there is some overwriting happening? Possibly related to the configuration VS execution phase? Not sure how/why though, so any help is be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Alternatively it would already get me further to determine the name of the product flavor (without the build type name attached to it) and the build type (again: without the product flavor name prepended to it) during execution phase of the gradle build.

Considering the above configuration the expected product flavor names would be: customerA, customerB and customerC.

Answer Source

During evaluation phase, Gradle executes all of the code in your android block; it doesn't just execute the code relevant to the flavors you want to compile. In fact, during evaluation phase, it doesn't even really know what your flavors are; it has to evaluate that to find out.

So all three of your lines customer = "a", customer = "b", and customer = "c" will get executed.

This is one of the subtle things about Gradle that make it a little difficult to learn.

So I've explained why your code isn't working the way you expect, but this answer is incomplete because I haven't said a lot about what to do to make it work right, but it's hard to say what to do because I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish. In general I can say that you should think of trying to accomplish what you want using user-defined tasks, and setting up intra-task dependencies to make sure things get executed in the right order. A gotcha with Android Gradle builds is that even those tasks don't get defined until evaluation phase (it can't know what tasks it needs to build all your flavors until it's evaluated the build file and knows what those flavors are), so do some SO sleuthing to see how to hook things onto Android Gradle build tasks -- you have to set up your tasks at the end of evaluation phase after the Android plugin has done its thing.

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