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Ckeditor gem issue with production mode

I'm using the CKEditor gem. My config for

are like the followings:

# application.js
//= require ckeditor/init

# routes.rb
mount Ckeditor::Engine => '/ckeditor'

The gem works fine in development mode, but when moving to the production mode, I got the error 404 when browsers request the js and css files in ckeditor folder:

GET http://mydomain/assets/ckeditor/config.js?t=D2LI 404 (Not Found)
GET http://mydomain/assets/ckeditor/skins/moono/editor.css?t=D2LI 404 (Not Found)
GET http://mydomain/assets/ckeditor/lang/vi.js?t=D2LI 404 (Not Found)
GET http://mydomain/assets/ckeditor/styles.js?t=D2LI 404 (Not Found)

Please help me to fix my ckeditor route config. Thank you in advance.

Answer Source

You'll need to explicitly direct Rails to precompile your CKEditor assets in production:

# config/application.rb
config.assets.precompile += Ckeditor.assets

Then, within your production environment, force a precompilation:

rake assets:precompile:all
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